Room for two! Everything a duo needs with a powerful PA system, vocal mics, two foldback monitors, and a compact mixing desk with 4 mic pres and inbuilt FX.

  • 2x 12" Powered speakers
  • 2x 8" Powered speakers (foldback)
  • 2x Vocal microphones
  • iPod / aux input and cable
  • Medium-sized audio mixer
  • All necessary stands and cables
  • For audiences up to 100 people

Product Description

2x EV ZLX12p Powered Speakers (with black covers)
2x Australian Monitor XR8p Powered Speakers
2x Speaker Stand (in bag)
2x K&M Starline grey mic stand (in bag)
1x Allen & Heath ZED10-FX (in case)
2x Shure SM58 microphone
2x XLR Long
8x XLR Medium
1x Stereo 3.5mm to dual TRS
1x Dual TRS to dual XLR
1x 240v EXT Long
4x 240v EXT Med
5x IEC
1x 240v 4-way power board


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